Mid 30 something male.  I think Geek is in and I rather like it. I’ve always liked Sci-Fi, Reading, Tech Gadgets. Not into sports so much, or cars. Played D&D when I was younger. Played video games when it wasn’t cool. Had a Commodore 64, before that an Intelivision. I like Star Trek and Star Wars. I’d love to have a phaser and a Light saber.  What I don’t have is a tech job. I don’t work with computers, don’t design games. I was active army for 7 years, been in the National guard since then. I’ve been a stock manager and an assistant manager at two very different retail chains. I’ve been deployed to Iraq with my national guard unit, twice. I’ve installed HVAC equipment. Not your normal geek related jobs. I still consider myself a geek. What’s funny is my wife of 13 years just realized this year that I and all our old friends are geeks. Poor deluded woman.


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